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Watercolor self-portrait by Corrie Frank

Hi! I'm Corrie Frank.

I knew early on that God created me to be an artist, but when I first tried watercolor, it was such a disaster that I thought I'd never use it again! Years later, I decided to give it another go and to my surprised delight, something clicked in my brain and I fell in love with watercolors. Learn more about my initial struggles with watercolor here.

For more than a decade, I've cheerfully dedicated myself to mastering the medium, developing a signature style that blends realistic subjects with abstract bursts of pigment. My pieces celebrate life, color, and the glory of God's creation. As the owner of my own art business, I faithfully follow my mission to share joy through beautiful art and help others explore how much fun drawing and painting can be.

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"I commissioned Corrie to paint a portrait of my wife and I. We were thrilled with her work. We can’t say enough about the finished work and proudly display it in our home. You can’t go wrong selecting Corrie to capture your important family moments. Thanks, Corrie!"
—Gerald F.
"Corrie is a fantastic person and artist who has turned ideas I’ve had into beautiful commissioned pieces that I gifted to my family. My family has loved them! She’s great to work with! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a commissioned piece or even just a quick gift for a friend."
—Natalie B.

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From "No Way" to Falling in Love with Watercolors

I used to have major mental blocks when it came to watercolors. I loved art as a kid and was inspired by my Grammy's artistic prowess. In an effort to emulate her, I tried painting with watercolors, but it was a failure of epic proportions, or at least it felt like that at the time! I didn't "get" how it worked and was woefully disappointed in the paintings I produced. To avoid further frustration, I abandoned watercolors for many years, thinking, "There is no way I'll paint with these again!"

Eventually, I decided to face my watercolor fears. I was taking an upper-level art class in my third year at university and inexplicably decided to use watercolors as my material of choice. It seems bonkers to me now that I would take that risk, and I can only attribute it to the Holy Spirit gently but firmly nudging me in a direction I never would have taken on my own!

So, I dusted off an old set of watercolors and to my delighted surprise, something clicked in my brain and I. Was. Hooked! I've spent the past 12 years exploring the medium and finding so much joy in it that I am compelled to share it with others. Looking back, I'm thankful for my initial negative experience because I can relate to folks who have faced a similar struggle grasping how watercolors work.

I developed my "World of Watercolor" online courses to share the knowledge I wish I'd had when I first tried watercolors and to help set people ahead on their watercolor journey, but I realize a full course is a significant commitment. Therefore, I'm offering this bonus video from the "Watercolor Like a Pro" course so you can dip your toes in risk-free with something fun and simple! In this 16-minute Loose Watercolor Tree Tutorial, you'll discover the freedom of loose brushwork as you delve into the whimsical nature of watercolors.