Learn How to Paint a Loose Watercolor Tree with Joy & Simplicity

In this 16-minute step-by-step tutorial, have fun exploring the whimsical nature of watercolors.

Why a Loose Watercolor Tree?

Get Started Without Overwhelm

You want to paint with watercolors, but you're not sure where to begin! Starting with a simple subject and free brushwork will get you painting right away with fun, hands-on practice.

Practical Tips

One of the challenges watercolorists face is keeping their paintings from looking over-labored. This tutorial shares tips for how to achieve a loose, energetic quality in your pieces.

Real-Time Tutorial

The video is in real time and pairs visual footage with audible narration to walk you through the steps of the painting so you can easily follow along and complete your own tree.

Quickly Produce a Finished Painting

With a 16-minute tutorial, you can complete your painting in a short amount of time! Plus, you may pause, rewind, and rewatch the video as many times as you need while you continue to practice.

Get the Loose Watercolor Tree Tutorial Now

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