The No-Brainer Watercolor Supplies Buying Guide

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Why the Buying Guide?

Eliminate Overwhelm

You're at the store trying to figure out which watercolor supplies to buy, but there are just too many! Instead of getting overwhelmed, this guide will point you to the best supplies for your needs.

No Need to Compromise on Quality

You don't want to get cruddy supplies, but you also don't want to break the bank—not to worry! The guide helps you find supplies that fit your budget without compromising on quality.

Make Decisions That Fit Your Budget

Discover the ideal watercolor paper, paintbrushes, and paints to purchase at three different price levels: items under $25, items ~$25-$35, and items over $30.


You can mix and match based on what you want to experiment with. For example, you can try low-budget paper, mid-budget paintbrushes, and high-budget paints, or any combination you like!

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