World of Watercolor

Learning Watercolors at Your Own Pace

Course Summary

Let's be real—watercolors can be challenging! When I first tried watercolor painting, I couldn't understand how it worked and despised the work I produced, so I abandoned the medium for a long time. After years of building my artistic skills, I gave watercolors another chance and fell in love with them. That's why I created this course—to share the knowledge I wish I'd had when I first tried watercolor to help people who may be struggling with its unique nature. This course will help develop your skills and understanding of how watercolors work, all from the comfort of your own home!

Course Curriculum

Corrie Frank

Jackie B.

Watercolor Student

As someone who enjoys art of all forms, Corrie really gave me the tools and fundamentals to take my skills to the next level. She helped me rethink the way I thought about art and sparked such a light inside me to create!

Course Pricing

Watercolor Basics

$40 USD

  • Modules 1-2 (Without Bonus Videos)

    • Learn all about watercolor supplies
    • Get hands-on with watercolor techniques
    • Finish the course with a gorgeous sunset painting
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Intermediate Watercolor

$70 USD

  • Modules 1-4 (Without Bonus Videos)

    • Learn the basics of watercolor supplies and techniques
    • Complete a gorgeous sunset painting
    • Delve into color and the painting process for more advanced pieces
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Watercolor Like a Pro

$135 USD

  • Modules 1-5 + BONUS video in every module

    • Learn all about supplies, techniques, color, and the painting process
    • Complete an advanced, hyper-realistic painting of an apple
    • Get access to EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT in all 5 modules
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